November 15, 2009

New items for the Holidays!

Rather than upload pictures everywhere.. It seams that FaceBook is a great and easy way to share them.
So, I'm sharing my FaceBook link for you to see more Simply Said Studios Pictures & Designs.

I am "still" workning on the Website. It's so very time consuming. It will be up soon.

Beef Stroganoff

Ok My Friends~ This has nothing to do with Home Decor or Writting on the Walls!
I have recieved a lot of emails for recipe exchanges. So, here is my contribution for easy Beef Stroganoff:
Gather your ingred.  and place them in a skillet
1/2 bag of frozen meat balls
Container of Sour Cream (I use about 1/2 cup)
1 Can of Cream of Mushroom soup
1 Jar of Heinz Beef Gravy
A dash or two of Seasoning Salt
1 box of Pasta -Don't add the Pasta yet! :) 
Enjoy a drink while it's cooking on low! Stir occasionally and make sure the sauce does not stick to the pan and the meat balls will defrost as they cook.

Make a small salad. My boys love Bacon on their salad. I stuck 1 package of FROZEN bacon onto a Pampered Chef Pan. Cook at 350. Once it starts defrosting & cooking, use a knife to seperate the bacon and allow it to brown. Remember, it's going on salad and will be cut up anyway.
Boil your pasta & drain it. Place the pasta on the plate and cover with the Meat Balls & Sauce. Add a salad and Ta-Da!!Happy Family!! All eating dinner!