January 15, 2009

So, I think I made a mistake about telling some of you about this site... I am scared for you to see it:). I started this because I was educating myself on selling items online. And everywhere I looked I found great and fasinating blogs. So here I go...

As most of you who know me, I've been writing on the walls of my home for years -using paints, freehand and stencils. About a year ago my friend introduced me to Vinyl writing. So, I went out and purchased ALL the materials to make my own. I always think I can save a dollar by making my own!

With the economy the way that it is (the housing market sucks!) we have been forced to live a more simpler life. And as the holidays were approaching my husband would literally get panic attacks thinking about my holiday spending. After two emergency room trips, I committed to stay within budget. Which, is really hard!!

I ended up jumping at the chance to make a lot of Christmas gifts and I (i think they) really enjoyed it. Although, I've been going through lot's of materials trying to make them look just right.
So, please bear with me. I am continuing to educated myself on what works and does not. As well, as what I like.

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