January 28, 2009

This has been an emotionally tiring week.With my husband out of town for the first time ever! I am trying to stay focused and keep things simple while he's out of town. I thought i'd enjoy the alone time but it's pretty quiet around here. The boys are really missing Chris and Eric has taken on the roll of "Big guy in control"- He thinks he has to enforce all of the rules! And his brothers are not enjoying it a bit!
Chris is loving the sunshine in Florida for several more days and he's enjoying his time on the Superbowl field and with his friends Todd & Ted. Yesterday, he was able to watch the players interviews and photo shoots on the field (very exciting for a football fan!). Then he watched Bruce, Jennifer Hudson & Faith Hill all practice for the show! Very exciting!We can't wait for him to come home!

I have so much to tell him about... the kids and a new business venture with Pia! We are designing and creating flip flops! Right now we are still reaching and talking with other business owners about what will work and how we can make our FRIENDS our best customers! We have found an awesome supplier and we just need to find the bling! Stay tuned!!

And now, my other passion!
I was a little productive this week. I've put a few things together and I continue to welcome any constructive criticism. Please tell me what you honestly think!

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