January 7, 2009

Holiday gifts I made

It was a busy Christmas season. It seamed to go by faster than ever this year. We put up our trees and decorations and then.. poof! it was over. Of course we had some celebrations but it just went by way to fast for me.

This year I made each family member an ornament with their name & year and I used them as place settings for our Thanksgiving dinner. They were a hit but I forgot to take pictures. ugh!

I also made lots of these tiles, unfortunately these are the only ones I have pictures of. I also used glass plates, candy dishes and platters to give our neighbors sweet holiday treats. I personalized them with seasonal sayings and their names. That way, they knew the dish was part of the gift. I hope you like them.


  1. YOU are amazing! LOVE your work Cricut Queen!

  2. I love your blog. So how much for the Twilight tile?? It is dreamy. You are so creative and you need to run with this girlfriend. Love you!!